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Widow's Might is committed to meeting together in a haven of love and respect for each other.  

Come join us every Thursday @ 6:30pm

at West Main Baptist Church, 1701 W. Main Street, Artesia, NM 88210

Our meeting will be held in the classroom building on the east side of the main sanctuary, closest to Sonic.



Widow's Might wants to help widows with the life tasks that may be suddenly thrust upon them at the loss of their husband.  Through a community of resources, Widow's Might will come alongside a widow and assist her with getting the help she needs.

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Widow's Might desires to surround widows with sisterly love and provide a haven to share our hearts through weekly meetings, phone calls, texting, Facebook Messenger, and email.  We believe God heals the broken hearted, and through sharing our hearts with each other and praying for each other we can heal.



Widow's Might is here to lift widows to a place of feeling secure and confident to face life through their grieving.  As widows, we are unwillingly members of a unique sisterhood that can easily understand the heaviness of our grief.  We know the types of struggles each of us are facing and we can come together to pray for and love each other.

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